Resources For Students


  • ANKI FLASHCARDS: Flashcards with spaced repetition built-in for improved memory formation.
  • TEXTBOOKS: Our recommendations for affordable, used textbooks.
  • THE SOURCE: Seattle Public School students can access grades, class pages, assignments and can communicate with teachers.
  • LEARN TO TYPE: KeyTime offers real, live classes and coaching on how to type.
  • FREE MATH WORKSHEETS: Create your own free math worksheets to practice basic math skills through pre-algebra.
  • KUTA SOFTWARE: Free math worksheets from pre-algebra through calculus.
  • LEXILE: Search for books that are reading level appropriate based on someone’s Lexile reading score.
  • KHAN ACADEMY: A web resource that has thousands of instructional videos across a variety of academic subjects and a comprehensive set of math practice problems.
  • AP PRACTICE QUESTIONS:  Your one-stop shop for AP test practice questions. Questions are free, answers require a reasonably-priced membership.
  • CRASH COURSE: A YouTube channel with lessons on many high school subjects.
  • CRASH COURSE KIDS: A YouTube channel with fun science lessons for young students.
  • SPANISH RESOURCES: Our collection of resources for learning Spanish.
  • HISTORY RESOURCES: Our collection of resources for learning History.
  • GRADE TRACKER (pdf): Track your grades daily/weekly/etc.
  • ASSIGNMENT SHEET (pdf): Track assignments for a class.
  • WEEKLY PLANNER (pdf): Plan a week’s worth of classes.
  • MONTHLY PLANNER (pdf): Plan a month’s worth of classes.