History Resources

Generic Advice

Start with a summary (or multiple summaries) before diving into the chapter. This will actually save you time.

Get an AP prep book and use it often. (links below)

Make written productDon’t just passively read or watch. Take notes, make timelines, and write your own summaries.

Take practice tests.  Consider paying for an Albert.io subscription.


AP World, AP US History, US Government & Politics, and AP Human Geography

Heimler’s History: A collection of brief, summary-style YouTube videos that are made to align with AP curriculum.


AP World History (and world history in general)  

The College Board’s course description of the new AP World History: Modern

CrashCourse World History 

CrashCourse World History 2 

CrashCourse European History

AP Worldipedia 

Albert.io AP World: Modern

Prep Books:


Princeton Review


AP US History (and United States history in general)  

The College Board’s description of APUSH

Adam Norris’s huge collection of APUSH resources and videos

APUSH Study Notes

CrashCourse US History

Party Systems: a quick run-down of all political party trends in US history

Albert.io AP US History

APUSH on Khan Academy

Prep Books:


Princeton Review


AP Human Geography

Mr. Sinn’s YouTube Channel

Heimler’s History

Prep Books:


Princeton Review