Parenting For Academic Success

Empowered Parents, Confident Students, Harmonious Families

  • Are you anxious that your child isn’t living up to their potential, but you’re unsure how to support them?
  • Is your teenager addicted to digital technology, but you don’t know what to do about it?
  • Are you tired of arguing about homework, chores, and screen time?
  • Do you sometimes worry that you’re a bad parent?

You’re not alone, and there is a better way! 

  • You can support your child’s growth, without micromanaging, and while simultaneously helping them become independent and resilient. 
  • You can help them become tech-savvy while protecting them from tech addiction. 
  • You can restore your relationship with your kid, increase your ability to influence them, and start having real conversations. 
  • Empowered with knowledge and new techniques, you can be confident you’re helping them move in the right direction and feel proud of yourself as a parent. 


This summer, we’re offering three transformative classes:

Talking With Your Kids About School: From Conflict to Connection

Raising Successful Students in the Digital Age: Tech Savvy not Tech Addicted

Cultivating Executive Function: Stop Micromanaging and Start Facilitating

Each live class is taught by two expert instructors via Zoom. There will be lots of time to ask questions and receive live coaching!


Talking With Your Kids About School

The “conversations” you have with your kid about school are short and tense. All you get are dismissive one-word answers. Or worse, every discussion of school turns into an argument. It seems like your teenager ignores all of your advice or even does the exact opposite. You know they need your support, and you wish you could reconnect, but you don’t know how to get through.

This class will show you how to transform your relationship with your kid, so you can have real conversations about life and school, turning you from an adult who “doesn’t get it” into a trusted coach and confidant. 

  • The importance of leading by example and how to do it well
  • How to create two-way, open-ended conversations 
  • How to get your kids to actually listen to you
  • Cultivate growth mindsets
  • Help them make better choices without triggering defensiveness

Date: July 10th

Time: 7pm-9pm


Raising Successful Students in the Digital Age

Digital technology is doing a shocking amount of damage to young people, hurting their mental health, reducing their ability to focus, and radically reducing their confidence in the real world. At the same time, we know tech isn’t going anywhere, so we need to learn how to live with it.

Tech can be a tool we control, rather than a tool that controls us. And to get there, it’s going to take change at home and change in our communities. This class will guide you on that change.

  • How digital technology is harming our kids (and what we can do about it)
  • How to help them be tech-savvy without being tech-addicted 
  • New family rules for a healthy relationship with technology 
  • How to make change at home
  • The collective action problem: how to promote change in your community

Date: July 17th

Time: 7pm-9pm


Cultivating Executive Function

You’re worried that the doors of opportunity are closing because your teenager isn’t making good choices. You’re afraid that if you stop nagging, micromanaging, and rescuing, your child will fail. You want to help them become responsible, confident, and autonomous, but you don’t know how.

This class will show you the way forward – the way to a place where you get to step back and relax because your kid is learning to handle things on their own. 

  • Park the helicopter: how micromanaging hinders development
  • What to do instead: scaffolding, facilitating, and active modeling
  • Skinned knees: what kids learn when they’re allowed to fail
  • Coaching vs. teaching/advising: encouraging resourcefulness and independence
  • How to help kids become more responsible 

Date: July 24th

Time: 7pm-9pm


Cost & Registration

$150 per class, per family (a set of parents and/or guardians)

Space is limited, so please let us know right away if you would like to attend. To reserve your spot, please fill out the form below and follow the payment instructions.



Who is this for?

Our audience is usually parents of teenagers and preteens, but it’s never too early to learn these ideas.

Are these in-person or online? 

They are online via Zoom.

Do I have to show my face or participate during the Zoom classes?

Nope! We’d love to see your face, hear your questions, and offer you some live coaching during the classes, but if you’d prefer to remain incognito, that’s just fine. 

Is there a video recording?

There will not be a video recording of the class available immediately, but if you purchase any live class, you will get access to the video version once it becomes available (estimated completion: Winter 2024).

I want to take one or more of these classes, but I can’t make the date/time it’s being offered. 

There will eventually be a perennially available video version of this course, so send us an email and let us know you’re interested. When that becomes available, we’ll let you know!

I can only commit to one or two classes right now, but might want to take more. Can I add a class later?

Yes! You won’t need to fill out the registation again. Just send us an email requesting to join the class and, if there’s room, we’ll add you and provide payment instructions.

What if I want personalized coaching? 

Both instructors offer this service, whether or not you’ve taken a class from us.  

Other questions? 

Email us:


Your Instructors

Greg Smith 

Greg has been an educator for 35 years, and he is the owner of Northwest Educational Services. He has over 40,000 hours of one-on-one experience supporting students and parents in their respective learning processes. Greg is married with two teenage daughters and understands the challenges of parenting from both a professional and personal perspective.

Chris Loper

Chris LoperChris has been an academic coach since 2014. He writes the blog for Northwest Educational Services, and he is the owner of South Cove Tutoring in Issaquah, WA. Chris is also the creator of, where he writes about self-improvement and works one-on-one with adults on habit formation. He is also the author of Wood Floats and Other Brilliant Observations, a humorous memoir. Chris’s latest project, Smart College Habits combines habit coaching with the science of learning to help students thrive in college. 



“Chris and Greg’s parent seminars are not to be missed! In a short time, I became more savvy about myself and my kids as learners. Their coaching tips aim to reduce parent-child conflict by leveraging current research on the brain and descriptive stories of their students. I highly recommend their seminars for parents of all kids!” 

–Vicki Pettiross


“This parent seminar is like no other. Understanding the learning process and the development of executive functions is a component of parenting that is often overlooked. Greg and Chris are exceptionally skilled at what they do and amazing communicators. In this seminar, they provide a baseline of information that will help any parent become more empathetic and knowledgeable as they help guide these wonderful young persons in developing their own independence and confidence. This seminar applies to so much more than just academics – it applies to life skills.” 

–Jenifer Dobson


“I took the parenting course in summer 2019 and learned so much about how the developing brain, growth mindset, and the importance of modeling (as opposed to managing), and much more. I still have my notes and refer back to them periodically. I highly recommend the course for anyone interested in supporting their children as they grow into lifelong learners.” 

–Caitlin Moulding


“We attended Northwest Educational Services’ parent seminar series in 2019 – the content was highly relevant and well presented, and the welcoming setting provided us the opportunity to engage directly with expert educators and other parents. As parents of middle and elementary school students, we were able to relate to the information shared, and apply the seminar’s concepts directly into our own family interactions and dynamics.  We look forward to attending again this year.” 

–Jill Nolton


“I found this series when my youngest student was in his final prep for college applications. How I wish that I had taken it years earlier so I could have supported both my students through their schooling! The information Greg and Chris share is helpful to all parents but especially those of students who struggle academically or battle with the stress of perfectionism. Incorporating these lessons into my own life has been very worthwhile but the value is exponentially higher to learn and adopt the tools and strategies while your students are still at home, preparing for college and life. Thankfully my son was able to find his motivation and potential with Greg’s guidance. He became a hardworking high school student, attends a highly selective college, and is earning academic accolades. The potential is in every child, you just need the right guide and guided parents to help them find it and draw it out.” 

–Kirsten Morrison


“We are the fortunate parents of twin daughters, both with unique-to-them strengths and challenges in the learning environment. No one-size-fits-all approach for us. We were looking for some coaching to sort out the best ways to give each daughter the specific support they needed to be successful in their school environments. The Parenting for Academic Success classes we took through NWES provided us with that and more.

“Coaches Greg and Chris spoke to all learning types, teaching parents how to encourage their kids to identify and articulate what they needed, and how to ask for it, so that they could become independent drivers of their own academic success. Once we began to implement some of the tools we learned, both of our students began to, more and more readily, reach out for help from resources beyond us (other students, academic coaches, school tutors, and teachers) and do so in a timely manner, before test anxiety or project panic set in.

“We also learned new tools to support both daughters in becoming more consistent in their study habits. Instead of ‘cramming’ the night before an exam, the girls began to develop habits that vastly reduced last-minute, stress-driven studying.

“Our daughters have now transitioned to great-fit universities where they are happy, engaged, independent, and consistently experiencing academic success.

“Greg and Chris brought their combined years of expertise coaching students at all grade levels, and advising parents who desire to support student success, and shared concrete, well-informed, research-based, ground-tested, information and strategies that aided us in our efforts to support our unique learners. We cannot recommend them highly enough.”

–Kelly and Steve Nolan Shafer