For Parents

Parenting for Academic Success

Combining 30 years of experience in education with over a decade of parenting himself, Greg coaches parents on how to support learning, growth, and independence.

  • Become a facilitator of educational achievement by setting up a home environment where good study habits come more easily.
  • Learn how to support executive function.
  • Reclaim the role of mentor without micromanaging by tweaking the language you use to talk with your child about school and leading by example.
  • Learn how to set those elusive boundaries that put the responsibility for success where it belongs … with the child.

To begin exploring on your own, please check out the parenting category of our blog or the ideas for parents page.

And don’t miss our Parenting for Academic Success summer seminars (a 5-part series)!

Learning Difference Support

Greg has extensive experience helping parents approach the challenges of navigating our educational system with a child who has learning differences. Explore the world of accommodations and learn about long-term remediation options. A dyslexic himself, Greg knows the importance of using strategy, having patience and empathy, and providing steady, well-informed parental support.


We can help you enhance your approach with our expertise about the learning process. Fill in gaps in your own content and learn about resources you can use to self-educate so that you’ll be the best teacher you can be for your children. Or hire us to teach the content you’re not comfortable with while maintaining the personalized, one-to-one style your child is used to.