Summer Seminars

In the past, we’ve offered a variety of in-person seminars over the summer. Although we’re not able to do that this year, we are able to provide one-on-one or one-on-family Zoom sessions for the topics we normally cover in person. 

List of all classes (details below)

  • Parenting for Academic Success (and parental sanity)
    1. Psychology and Neuroscience Essentials
    2. Growth Mindset Parenting
    3. Studying and Learning
    4. Behavioral Change and Productivity
    5. Cultivating Executive Function
  • What Comes After High School?
  • Tutor Training
  • Reducing Procrastination and Perfectionism

Parenting For Academic Success (and parental sanity): a 5-part series

These classes are co-taught by Greg and Chris. Chris will share the ideas from psychology and neuroscience that are most relevant for parents, Greg will discuss how to apply this knowledge at home, and you will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

#1 Psychology and Neuroscience Essentials 
  • The history of the human brain as it relates to academic success
  • Brain health: the effects of sleep, nutrition, exercise, and technology
  • Positive psychology: encouraging mental health and success
  • Leading by example: the importance of modeling healthy habits
#2 Growth Mindset Parenting
  • The dynamic human brain: how the brain changes and grows
  • Growth mindset vs. fixed mindset
  • Growth-minded language
  • Leading by example: the growth-minded lifestyle
  • Cultivating healthy self-esteem and self-efficacy
#3 Studying and Learning
  • Test anxiety: where does it come from and what can we do about it
  • What is “studying?”: learning techniques and memory formation
  • Problem-solving: technique, strategy, and the value of real breaks
  • Technology: distractions, multitasking, and tech-addiction
  • The pursuit of mastery and love of learning: curiosity and depth vs. grade management
#4 Behavioral Change and Productivity
  • Realism: how change actually happens
  • Using willpower wisely: habits, strategies, and reminders
  • Self-perception: how outer change drives inner change
  • Procrastination: why we do it and how to do it less
  • Perfectionism: moving away from debilitating all-or-nothing thinking
#5 Cultivating Executive Function
  • Park the helicopter: how micromanaging hinders development
  • Skinned knees: what kids learn when they’re allowed to fail
  • Coaching vs. teaching: encouraging resourcefulness and independence
  • Talking with your child about school: navigating the emotional difficulties of academic conversations
  • Active agent vs. passive victim: blame, parental language, and cultivating responsibility


What Comes After High School?

Greg will cover building a list, college counselors, introduction to finances, college essay writing, applications, visitations, and interviews. He will give an overview of college entrance exams: SAT and ACT.

In addition to whatever questions you personally have, Greg will answer the following common questions: What are schools looking for? Is college the right fit? What is a gap year? What about community college? How can parents help their student own the process?


Tutor Training

This class will help you go beyond the basics of content tutoring, improving your ability to:

  • Help students learn and grow
  • Develop positive relationships with students
  • Retain clients
  • Get referrals

If you’re already a tutor, this is a great way to upgrade your skills. If you’ve never worked with students, the skills taught in this class will make it much easier for you to launch a career in one of the country’s fastest-growing professions.

You will walk away with a stronger understanding of the following elements that are critical to successful tutoring:

  • Growth Mindset: how to help students develop a growth mindset by encouraging risk-taking and making careful language choices
  • Effective Study Strategies: how to facilitate understanding and memory formation by showing students what really works
  • Problem-Solving Strategies: how to help students when they’re confused or stuck in areas such as math, science, writing
  • Executive Function: how to help students get organized, plan ahead, and make good choices

In addition, you will learn the essential mindsets that tutors themselves must bring to the table in order to connect with students and help them thrive. There will also be plenty of opportunities to ask questions about specific challenges you’ve faced in your work with students.


Reducing Procrastination and Perfectionism

Chris will teach a quick, fun class about why we procrastinate and what we can do about it. And because perfectionism is so deeply connected with procrastination, that will be addressed as well. Students will walk away with simple techniques they can try out immediately, as well as a better understanding of motivation and behavioral change.

Please let us know via email if you’d like to explore any of these topics in a one-on-one or one-on-family Zoom session.